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Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of Word Of Praise Ministries, Inc. is to bring the whole man into a place in which God can get the glory out of his life. To see the unsaved become saved. To see the lives of God's people changed by being healed, delivered, unbound, set free, and empowered by the Holy Ghost.

Vision is not about reality or what is. Vision is about our dreams and aspirations of what can and must be.

Spiritual Renewal


Societal Revitalization

We are sensitive to the emotional hurts of humanity and desire for Word of Praise Ministries to be a place of refuge where broken lives will be mended and restored to wholeness, locally and abroad.


Site Replication

In future, we envision exciting ministries operating within the ministry with specialized facilities for children and youth, a state-of-the art sanctuary, recreational center and prayer chapel, located on a peaceful and inspiring landscape. In addition, Word of Praise Ministries will extend its ministries through supporting and planting churches locally, nationally and internationally.