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Month of June Announcements 1, 2014

June 1st - Evening of celebration
Speaker: Apostle Jessie Mathis
Time: 6:00 PM6:00pm
Location: W. O. P. , 2014

June 7th- Beulahland Bible Church Prayer Breakfast
Time: 9:30 AM9:30am
Location: Beulahland Bible Church, 2014

June 7th  "Better After Broken"  Women Program
Speaker: Prophetess Jeffrey Banks
Time: 10:00 AM10:00am
Location: Palm Tree Hotel Riverside Dr.

June 10, 2014

June 10th - Apostle Bobby Banks speaking at Anointed New Vision, Apostle Ernestine Sherrod overseer
Time: 7:30 PM7:30pm
Location: TBA3, 201


June 13th - Night Of The Apostolic
Time: 7:30 PM7:30pm
Location: W. O. P, 2014

June 14th - Men Prayer Breakfast
Speaker- Apostle Bobby Banks

 Time: 9:00 AM9:00am
Location: Devine Presents Worship CenterJ0-21


June 20th & 21st - Women's Retreat (More information to come)June 21, 201

June 21st - Birthday /Anniversary Celebration for Pastor June Martin- Apostle Bobby Banks given words of encouragement
Time: 5:00 PM 5:00pm
Location: Devine Presents Worship CenterJ

June 29th - 5th Sunday Fellowship Service(location to be announced)

*Please Keep All Announcements In Mind*
*Please be aware that more, could be added when we receive invites *